My Difficult Choice

Recently I moved home. This gave me the kick start I needed to consider my career and more specifically changing jobs. I have worked as a Developer for the last 4 years, and for 3 of those I doubled up as a Scrum Master. I decided it was the right time for to focus on one of these professions.
Honestly, I had no idea how I would pick between two professions I love!

I decided to start looking, see what opportunities existed, and go from there (after all I needed work). I ended up interviewing for 3 developer roles (some with a touch of Agile) and 1 Scrum Master role.

Finding the Scrum Master role made me excited and worried at the same time. Having started as a developer 4 years ago it still felt like my main profession, and my role as a Scrum Master was bolt on. Without the ability to fall back to writing code, would I enjoy the Scrum Master role less?

After interviewing for all the roles one company stood out, no points for guessing which.

To cut an already long story short, I was offered the Scrum Master role alongside the others. After a lot of consideration I decided to take the job as a Scrum Master at New Voice Media. I have now been working there for just over a week (feels much longer, in a good way) and so far I love it!

Only time will tell if I made the right decision for me … but right now I am looking forward to the journey.


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