The difference a Journal makes

When I started my new role as a Scrum Master it was suggested that I journal. The aim of which was to observe how the team works and what the team could improve. This is how it started for me, but it has morphed into something different (but no less valuable). I now run a journal and a log.

Hand holding pencil ready to write

The journal has become a more of a personal journal. I do it at the end of every day, and takes between 10 and 15 minutes. I use this to type up what has happened in my day, what I have learned, and how it has made me feel. I do this in Evernote and use the following headers as a template.


Things I Learned​

Feelings- What am I thankful for? How am I feeling?​

Actions (Consider move to Trello)​

What did I read / listened to today?


This encourages me to reflect on my day. Over just 4 weeks of journalling I have noticed the following benefits:

Job satisfaction. It has allowed me to gained a better understanding of where I get my job satisfaction. Knowing this I can ensure that my day is made up of the things I love, and less of the things I do not.

Wind down. The act of journalling is like a brain dump for me. The simple act of writing about my day help me clear my head before I get home.

Focus. I am able to spot and understand the things I am avoiding, and focus on solving them. Writing it down makes you face up to all sorts of things.

I am also experimenting with tagging my days with a rating of 1 – 5 from bad to to great. Not sure if this is going to be useful but I plan on looking back on this in a few months.

I do try and note Agile behaviours, but I achieve this through a log. I must admit I have taken to this much less than journalling.



  1. Natalia · · Reply

    Hey, just found this and have a couple of question, mostly curiosity

    – How does the log you keep, looks like?
    Got curious after seeing the journal template.

    – How come the ‘Actions’ on your journal work out? Does this actions are job related or personal, and why use Trello for this?
    I’m asking this one because I do keep a journal and my personal tasks are in a different place from my work ones, but sometimes they overlap, how do you manage that?

    – How do you think the log helps you in being a better (?) Scrum Master / Team member

    1. Hi Natalia. Thanks for taking the time to read my post. The log is very simple, dates and observations, good and bad. I hope to work on this in the coming weeks.
      The actions are mainly work, but I do mix them. I must admit I keep my personal ones in my head, which doesn’t always work out well :-). The log helps me spot trends and focus on the most important issues.

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