How a Hackathon ended in co-authoring a book

As I wrote about recently, I have moved to NewVoiceMedia as a Scrum Master. I made this move just in time for one of their three Hackathons each year. During the 2 day event employees are given the freedom to work on whatever sparks their interest. The only caveat is it must be in some way ‘business related’, I learnt that is a loose caveat (in a good way).

The intention of this is to encourage creativity, raise morale, and possibility create the next big thing.

When I joined NVM I became part of the Agile Community Of Interest. We decided that the Hackathon was a perfect opportunity for us to give something back to the wider community, and have some fun on the way. The idea was to produce a book for new and aspiring Scrum Masters, all within 48 hours.


I am pleased to say we did it! It is free and available now on LeanPub. Please download a copy, and share with whoever you wish. All feedback is welcome.

I would like to finish by thanking everyone I worked with; Helen, Rob, Raji, Keith and Steven. Was great fun and I learnt a bunch, thank you.


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