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How to NuGet jQuery 1, the Right Way

The jQuery team made a decision in 2013 to split the library into two versions, one supporting IE6 upwards and the other IE9, these were labeled jQuery 1 and 2 respectively. This resulted in two key NuGet packages on the gallery: jQuery1 (community contribution) jQuery (official) If you need IE6, 7 or 8 support then the obvious […]

Cross Project TypeScript Unit Testing – Part 2

Part 1 of this post focused on cross project TypeScript (TS) referencing, this post will focus on how this can be used with Chutzpah to conduct cross project unit testing. Chutzpah is a TS, CoffeeScript and JavaScript unit test runner, with a built in Visual Studio extension and command line runner. In the last post I […]

Cross Project TypeScript Unit Testing – Part 1

This is the first of a two part blog on cross project TypeScript (TS) and unit testing with Chutzpah. This post will focus on the cross project aspect, more specifically how to write Typescript with dependencies over two Visual Studio projects. Let’s consider the following simple example. I have “Project A” which contains a “Scripts/typings” folder […]

Chrome why so Quiet?

On the 14th Jan ‘Chrome broke the Internet‘, and today they finally fixed it. Okay that is a little over the top, but I believe that the original Chrome 32 release was unusable for most Windows users. At 10:22 am today they released Chrome 32.0.1700.102 to windows and mac users. This release contained the following fixes: Mouse […]

Chrome 32 Scrolling Bug Workaround

I recently wrote the article “Chrome 32 Broke the Internet” covering a set of bugs making Chrome unusable for many Windows 7 and 8 users. A fix for the issues mentioned is currently in Beta testing, but there is no stable release yet and the bug riddled release has not been reverted. I therefore thought […]

Chrome 32 Broke the Internet

So I want to make one thing clear before I begin talking about the Chrome 32 Aura scrolling bug. I am an avid user of Chrome and continually encourage others to move to Chrome for Improved security and performance, this is why what I am going to tell you is so frustrating for me (and […]

Client side error logging using {errorception}

It had not occurred to me that we should be recording our client side errors until I was listening to a talk given by Paul Irish at fluent 2012, and he mentioned a tool called errorception. This got me thinking, how many client side errors are our users really encountering? Could this explain some of […]

A Guide to IE Compatibility View and X-UA-Compatible

Since Internet Explorer (IE) 8 Microsoft have supported a ‘Compatibility View’, allowing users to view web pages as if they are using a lower version of IE, normally IE 7. It appears in the top right of IE 8, 9 and 10, stating that it will make websites designed for older browsers look better. This […]

Automating JS and CSS Versioning

For a very long time we have been telling users, developers, testers and frankly everyone that uses our web application, that they should clear their cache in order to receive the latest version of a JavaScript or Cascading Style Sheet. This is a very poor solution to a common problem, so what are our options? […]