Monthly Archives: January 2015

Unit Testing – Setup pattern (Moq)

In my previous post I mentioned that large unit test setups can be difficult to maintain / understand. This problem can be reduced by following a test pattern. I want to share with you a pattern I use, and I think works really well. In this post I will be using C#, Moq libary and Visual Studio test […]

TDD, where did ‘I’ go wrong – 7 Months on

My last blog post some 7 months ago was ‘TDD, where did ‘I’ go wrong‘, this post will revisit some of the statements I made during that post, comments I received, and examine how the change has worked. So to start off with some background. Since changing our approach to TDD from ‘Method Based’ to ‘API […]

Frankly Regular Code

For a number of weeks I have been considering setting myself a blogging goal. Then last week I listened to @jsonmez on the .Net Rocks show talk about setting realistic goals and committing to them and he inspired me, so here goes …. I am going to commit to writing a blog post ever weeks until […]