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For a number of weeks I have been considering setting myself a blogging goal. Then last week I listened to @jsonmez on the .Net Rocks show talk about setting realistic goals and committing to them and he inspired me, so here goes ….

I am going to commit to writing a blog post ever weeks until the end of the year.

That will be a total of 50 posts before the year is out. I plan on doing this during lunch breaks at work (time I current spend mostly working). Below is my plan for the next few posts and I will consistently re-visit this post to update my progress. Wish me luck 🙂

Week Title Achieved
4 TDD Where Did ‘I’ Go Wrong – 7 Months on Tick
5 Unit testing – Setup pattern Tick
6 Octopus Deploy – A Culture Change Tick
7 Missed 😦 Cross
8 What makes a Great Sprint Review Tick

I failed this challenge, life just got in the way. I am updating this post in case I or anyone else looks back at it.


One comment

  1. One of the first feature films we (both Ethan and I)
    saw at Sundance 2011 was an “apocalyptic love story”
    titled Bellflower, named after the street it mostly takes place on in LA.
    I don’t have any problems finding something I am interested in watching.
    It helps to have pictures of your dreams and look at them every day.
    Also, there is no compromise with the audio or video quality and sometimes even the most recent releases are available for download.

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