Chrome why so Quiet?

On the 14th Jan ‘Chrome broke the Internet‘, and today they finally fixed it. Okay that is a little over the top, but I believe that the original Chrome 32 release was unusable for most Windows users.

At 10:22 am today they released Chrome 32.0.1700.102 to windows and mac users. This release contained the following fixes:

  • Mouse Pointer disappears after exiting full-screen mode. (317496)
  • Drag and drop files into Chrome may not work properly. (332579)
  • Quicktime Plugin crashes in Chrome. (308466)
  • Chrome becomes unresponsive. (335248)
  • Trackpad users may not be able to scroll horizontally. (332797)
  • Scrolling does not work in combo box. (334454)
  • Chrome does not work with all CSS minifiers such as whitespace around a media query’s `and` keyword. (333035)

It also had a couple of security fixes and mentioned some awards given to individuals that identified security flaws. However, there was one key thing missing, an apology to the thousands of users that have been dealing with their appalling release!!!

Thirteen days, thousands of angry users, hundreds of comments asking for a release date, and today the release happens with only a cursory nod to a couple of chromium tickets. Are your dedicated users not worth an apology?


I wanted to make something clear. I don’t think chrome users deserve an apology for releasing bugs (software has bug, even “appalling” ones) , I think they deserve one for how it was dealt with.

If you think we should just be grateful because it is free, I ask, would you be grateful if your free bank account stopped working for 13 days?

Chrome has a very dedicated user base, and that should not be taken for granted.


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  1. jack tate · · Reply

    Firefox Rules!

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